IT Consulting

Businesses like yours turn to external consultants like Innovator for custom software consulting for many reasons:

  • Companies of any size may lack the experienced staff or resources to oversee the development of a custom software project while continuing to conduct normal business.
  • A fresh, objective opinion is needed that is unhindered by bias and office politics.
  • Delivery time is short and consultants can streamline the project to meet the deadline.
  • A system currently in use needs re-engineering, not patching.
  • Leveraging a consultant’s knowledge and experience to ensure that a new system actually fulfills the project objective.

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Innovator’s experience working with numerous companies on a wide variety of projects in different industries gives us the vision to quickly analyze project needs and suggest a development path. We understand that software is not the solution, but a tool to solve problems, improve business processes, automate systems, and increase efficiency. When software projects fail to meet objectives, the top causes are mistakes made by people, not code or hardware.

Our experience with the consulting and technical aspects of projects ensures that the project meets the objective on both the business and technical sides. Working together, we can also offer fresh ideas and suggest improvements that will make your new project exceed objectives and accommodate future growth.

Innovator asks the tough questions, the stupid questions and the questions that others are afraid to ask. We challenge assumptions and have no interest in assigning fault. Our one and only goal is a successful custom software project that meets the objectives.

Custom Software Development

Innovator builds custom software systems and applications that improve business processes, solve problems, and increase efficiency – as simply and quickly as possible. Our focus is on creating maintainable solutions to meet your unique situation and needs.

Our partners want:

  • Specialized solutions that off-the-shelf software cannot meet.
  • Cost-effective transformation of processes to alleviate growing pains and support future capacity.
  • Strategic advantages in a competitive market.
  • Increased efficiency through process streamlining and automation.

Our partners don’t want:

  • A lengthy and costly requirements definition period: We work quickly to analyze and comprehend your unique needs and understand project objectives.
  • An independent contractor who doesn’t work as a team member: We clearly communicate the schedule, costs, milestones, and deliverables.
  • An unwieldy project that fails to meet objectives: We emphasize iterative development, automated testing, modular structure, and end-user acceptance and input.
  • A software developer who is technically proficient but doesn’t understand the business problem to be solved: We will not begin the development stage of a project until we clearly understand that the project objectives will solve the business problem.

From projects as simple as migrating from spreadsheets to a relational database, to creating the architecture for a CRM system, to developing an automated parts and inventory tracking system…Innovator transforms businesses just like yours.

Innovator takes ownership of its work and does not offshore development tasks to disinterested third-parties in other countries.

We’re easy to talk to. Call us at 423-877-4216 and let’s get started.